Will the Apple Vision Pro get publicly jailbroken before the end of 2024?
Dec 31

A "jailbreak" is any exploit that allows end-users to execute privileged native code on the device, for example, allowing the modification of built-in system software features.

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Some fun news I just saw:

1: A security researcher teasing a kernel exploit on xwitter https://twitter.com/0xjprx/status/1753575170101461266

2: "Apple fixes zero-day bug in Apple Vision Pro that ‘may have been exploited’" https://techcrunch.com/2024/01/31/apple-vision-pro-zero-day-security-bug-exploited/

To be explicit, neither of these things in isolation are enough to resolve this market. A bug is not an exploit, and an exploit is not a jailbreak. There needs to be a public jailbreak tool, accessible to end-users.

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