Will I complete my PhD?

PhD programs generally have a 50-60% completion rate.

I started a PhD in fall of 2023. I have been working on research with my advisor since starting as well as working at my current job while completing my courses.

There are only 13 courses which can be completed in 2 years, but the research portion of the PhD tends to take another 3ish? years for incredibly nebulous reasons.

I will update this market with any relevant information as it goes on.

Feel free to ask for relevant info.

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What are your reasons for pursuing a PhD?

@Ouroboros I thought it would be fun 😅. And TBF, so far, it has been

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What's the completion rate and average completion time for your particular advisor?

@LucaMasters My advisor hasn't been advising long enough to give a meaningful answer, but (highly relevant!) stats like that are pretty elusive even at the department level 🤷

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