Manifold in the Wild 17/11/22

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1) Drama surrounding Nathan Young's "fraud markets".

Context: After the FTX implosion, many felt betrayed by SBF and many EAs were quite self-critical at how no one saw it coming. In response to this, Nathan created a group of markets about influential people and if any would be exposed as fraudsters in an honest attempt to reduce the possibility of the SBF shock being repeated.

Fraud markets:
(may have to filter by resolved to see those which were cancelled).

Scott Alexander semi-jokingly mentioned them which led to people taking them far too seriously leading to criticism on Twitter and Reddit.

Nathan, although sincere with his original intent of using them as a creative way to hold powerful people accountable, quickly cancelled these markets in case they reflected poorly on EA.

2) Destiny community crashes Manifold Markets.

A slight over-exageration, but some of the intense live-trading on "permanent stocks" done in the Destiny group caused specific markets to semi-crash.

We have since made improvements to improve the processing of high volume trading on a market, but Destiny viewers can hold a badge of pride that they temporarily broke a market.

3) Destiny community creates a real-time market tracker.

Check out this awesome creation by u/IDoStuff132. It takes permanent stocks from the Destiny group and lets you choose which ones you want to see plotted on a real-time tracker!

4) Analysis of Manifold's performance forecasting the midterms

A writeup comparing Manifold to other forecasting site's performance:

Also, see our user Jack's post.

5) Other popular mentions

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