Is nuclear fusion the ultimate solution to AI’s Power Use?
resolved Apr 27

AI tasks typically demand more powerful hardware than traditional computing tasks. Meanwhile, bitcoin mining shows no signs of slowing down, with mining rates hitting 565 exahashes per second (EH/s) currently, a five-fold increase from three years ago.

" The situation is already getting out of hand: U.S. power demand has started rising for the first time ever in 15 years. “We as a country are running out of energy,” Michael Khoo, climate disinformation program director at Friends of the Earth and co-author of a report on AI and climate, has told CNN. "

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US power demand was stagnated for 15 years? I call bullshit.

@NiklasBergstrom I didnt say that

@portfoliodedeinformacion True. The person yoy quoted implied that, no? Or am I just reading that wrong..

@NiklasBergstrom you have argumented by me actually. that is the reason why to increase the number of nuclear plants power is a need. Solar or eolic dont covert the needs rightly, pretty parcially just. Plus there is an incompatibility between the kind of energy solar and power generate and the infraestructure of energy that the societies have. Also, there is a crisis of water that the human may consume. You have some idea how much the solar energy contamines.?

To cover the world with theses alternatives is not a solution until we dont increasing the optimization and develop its efficiency (what means we are far to find a solution into the alternatives you understood as well)

The clear one, the ECO and the most usefull is the the nuclear one. Do not trust me. Check it by yourself please

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i must once again implore everyone to remember that fusion power is not an "unlimited free energy" hack:

@pyrylium I am not sure that you understand how the new versions (models of the las 20-15 years) of the nuclear power plants work and the low ammount of residue that it generates or how low is the contamination of the resources as the water if we comparate the solar one againts.

It is not a question of unlimited free energy, so please lets be serious

Edit: less implore and more to get the knowledge that we all need

@portfoliodedeinformacion I am being serious, and as a professional energy analyst I know a thing or two about nuclear power (enough, at least, not to conflate nuclear fission and fusion). My issue is, completely separate from the numerous technical challenges in the nuclear space, that (at least in part due to onerous regulatory burden) nuclear power is broadly not economical beyond baseload power generation. The capex is high, the opex is high, the siting and permitting takes ages -- these are policy challenges, not technology problems.

whats the resolution criteria?

@ZoravurSingh somekind of mix between nuclear (the most one) and the rest of options at the same time we are checking which one is the best un terms of optimizations of the resources

@portfoliodedeinformacion So, the way to operationalize should be something like, is nuclear power the cheapest in x years? Or maybe, will companies building AI focused data centers also build nuclear power plants to fuel them, similar to Microsoft’s support for that fusion company

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