Will I be laid off by Google or have resigned in 2023?
closes Dec 31

My tenure is close to 6 years now, which is above average for a software engineer. But I'm pretty happy with my team and my work. However, word is on the street that Google might do layoffs in 2023.

This question will resolve positive on the day I receive the decision informing me that I will no longer be an employee, regardless of the amount of gardening leave that the company will require me to do. For completeness, this question will also resolve positive if I decide to leave the company.

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Alex Lienbought Ṁ175 ofYES
Alex Palcuie

@Marsteralex I'll take the loot box as a divine sign.

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Alex Lienis predicting YES at 18%

@palcu Oh no! Why am I 200M+ invested in yes?? Iirc, 5% of employees were laid off during the first round so I think odds are low of you getting laid off! Though as a former google swe myself, and hearing the stories of my friends who remain at google, perhaps it’s possible you are convinced to leave of your own volition 🙃

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Alex Palcuie

For the folks really interested, I have escaped the first round of layoffs that started in January and ended in April in Britain.

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