WickedSupreme Stock (Permanent)
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Yes = Buy
No = Short
This is a permanent market and its duration will be lengthened as long as it's allowed. The aim is to sell your stock (see top right after you've made a bet) when you believe your side has over-corrected and buy in/short it again once it's over-corrected to the other side. Essentially, it's meant to function like a traditional stock market.

Read more: https://help.manifold.markets/manifold-101/why-would-you-sell-your-shares

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Garmonboziabought Ṁ100 of BUY

I'm down bad

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MAFTYis holding BUY at 325

Supreme you are fucking me

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MAFTYbought Ṁ300 of BUY

it's a L take buy the dip

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MAFTYbought Ṁ200 of BUY


but we are holding

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Gravy Gnome

Family portrait of WickedSupremacist leaked

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