Will Lighthaven be capable of hosting a Manifest/LessOnline style event in June 2025?

We've got a bunch of Lighthaven markets, but none specifically about Lighthaven's existence as a festival venue. Lightcone bought the Rose Garden Inn with a 5% loan, and is currently raising money. Lighthaven (the venue, not Lightcone) is currently slightly losing money.

The hypothetical event should be 3 days long, with room for at least 200 attendees, and be reasonably in good shape. Sleeping arrangements are not required.

I will resolve this by my asking @BenPace or @OliverHabryka at close date.

If Lightcone sells Lighthaven to another organization, I will make a reasonable inquiry at close date if Lightcone does not control Lighthaven.

Vaguely relevant links for Lightcone finances: https://donations.vipulnaik.com/donee.php?donee=Lightcone+Infrastructure



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Is Lighthaven imperiled by FTX suing CFAR/Lightcone for $5M?

That article is riddled with numerous factual errors, and the author didn't even attend Manifest/LessOnline. But I'm not too knowledgeable on this specifically, @OliverHabryka knows more

100% of the equity in Lighthaven is owned by a Jaan Tallinn owned company, so it's not really at risk, though the details are a bit messy. I think it's a relevant consideration but not a big one compared to just basic profitability.

I’m reasonably confident one of my former employers would host events here. I’d love to connect them with the relevant person(s).

@pdw The best way is to start an Intercom chat with us on Lighthaven.space, but you can also send me an email at oliver.habryka@gmail.com

@OliverHabryka Thanks will do!

Change it to be any month ( sg said it's ok to change )

@strutheo no, that would be annoying to resolve

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