Will I work at MIRI?
resolved Apr 8

I applied for the Writer/Managing Editor role at MIRI. Of 140 initial applicants, 10%, including me, got to the interview round. I have an interview scheduled for Thursday.

With a 5% chance, I’m resolving this market to N/A. Otherwise, I resolve this to Yes if I get a job at MIRI in the next couple of months and No if I don’t. (Getting an offer but deciding not to work there resolves the market to No. Note that my alternative is starting a nonprofit that’d do AI x-risk comms.)

I’ve never before had a job interview, so feel free to give any tips, I guess?

(If you work at MIRI or otherwise have insider knowledge or can influence the outcome, please don’t buy No shares on this market- I don’t want to create wrong incentives.)

I won’t be trading on this market.

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Nope! I'm starting a 501c4 nonprofit, won't work at MIRI.

Yep, got an answer, advanced to the next phase. Need to do some tasks. It now depends on how well that goes and (if I get the offer) on whether I accept the offer or decide to start an independent nonprofit.

Updated the market close date, as the timeline became slightly longer than I initially expected.

The interview went well!

I don’t have an answer yet, and there will be two rounds of work trials; I’m currently at 70% that I’ll accept if I get an offer. (Might update this number after thinking more.)

@ms How was it?

@CertaintyOfVictory It was nice. I updated slightly towards “me working at MIRI is a good idea”.

A quick glance at your comment history suggests that you're pretty capable and professional. In my opinion, that means your success at the interview relies mostly on 1) whether you leave a strong impression and 2) how well you fit into their team personality-wise.

I wouldn't worry this being your first interview ever. It isn't an exam where they're checking your responses against a rubric or answer sheet. Think of it as a conversation between yourself and a fellow professional. Your interviewers aren't examiners with authority over your, they're your potential colleagues. Treat them as such. Basic social skills and the ability to read the room is more than enough.

Above that, remember that YOU have power here too. Know what you want out of this role. Allow yourself to be curious about who your interviewer is, what kind of person they are, and why they're working at MIRI too.

The only thing that 'previous interview experience' gives you is a feeling of confidence and an ability to relax, since you are more ready for what's about to come, and probably have a strategy. It doesn't actually make you better at the interviewing process itself. So why not skip ahead a few steps? If you know what's about to come, and you go in the door with a strategy, honestly, you're good to go.

Congrats! Since you made it to step 2, never before having had a job interview, your options before Thursday are to binge linkedin guidance on interviewing Or just get a good night’s sleep and be authentically yourself! Jk

I recommend holding fast to authenticity And it does make sense to have all your documents (application, resume, LinkedIn profile, social media tone and content) self-consistent and your talking points well-conceived and aligned to This Job Opportunity.

Best wishes!

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Congrats on getting an interview!