Dec 31, 2025
Will I have a research position at MIRI by 2025?

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Alana avatar
Alanais predicting YES at 12%

Alana: will I work at MIRI…

Everyone: “no. Immediately no.”

SeraphinaNix avatar
Seraphina Nixbought Ṁ3 of NO

@AlanaXiang yeah, they're largely not hiring right now, though 2 years gives a little time for that to change

KatjaGrace avatar
Katja Graceis predicting NO at 12%

@AlanaXiang yeah not much of a comment on you

Tassilo avatar
Tassilo Neubaueris predicting NO at 12%

@AlanaXiang So on the bright side this market might actually given you information? Like 30% would be the kind of probability I would put on this if you were already interning there (are you?).

Alana avatar
Alanais predicting YES at 12%

@TassiloNeubauer That’s the point of these markets 🙂

I’m not interning there. I’m working at ARC right now (evals).