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Brianna Wupredicts BUY

What’s with these jerkstores shorting my stock?

Never underestimate the inspirational power of revenge. I will get along with DGG JUST TO SPITE YOU. See you in hell, bozos. 😂

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ADpredicts SHORT

@BriannaWu are you up for some insider trading? just tweet something cringe like "Darius has really good rizz" or "Zherka is right about the freemasons" so i can sell my stocks.

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Domiropredicts BUY

@alexd @BriannaWu Don't you dare, just continue being yourself ❤

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johnleokspredicts BUY

Brianna giving DGG a shout out for the Georgia and Wisconsin canvassing efforts on SiriusXM.

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Wrianna Wu

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