[Kalshi] Will the CDC identify a new COVID variant of concern by December 31, 2024?

Will the CDC identify a new variant of concern by December 31, 2024?

Resolves the same as the original on Kalshi.

Resolution criteria

If the CDC has identified a new variant of concern between Issuance and December 31, 2024, then the market resolves to Yes.

Resolution sources


Once the original resolves, its resolution will be applied to this market automatically. Trustworthy-ish users are encouraged to resolve this market before then if the outcome is known and unambiguous. Feel free to ping @jskf to request early resolution or to report issues.

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@jskf The title and criteria don't say "COVID" anywhere, but the linked market on Kalshi does include COVID in both. Can we update this?

predicts NO

@kenakofer do you know why the title is different? For the description, I guess we could start including the "About" part as well as the rules.

predicts NO

@Eliza I'll add COVID to the title manually next time I log in on the account.

@jskf 90% that Kalshi simply changed it after the mirror, but I'm not sure if that's documented. The relevant API call now has COVID in the title.

@kenakofer Oh, I see that under markets, the entry has title "Will the CDC identify a new variant of concern by December 31, 2024?". So I guess that's a title in the context of the parent event (which itself doesn't have the date in its title).

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