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This should just be closed. I doubt we will hear anything about her anymore.

@LauriNakari go away. I will continue to buy my queen

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I bought the best rises in this stock and made a killing, now I'm back to short it to the ground. Lets GO

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If you haven't sold by now... I'm sorry for your loss.

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@Tcvang I'm still up 150 OMEGALUL

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It is time

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it was never meant to be

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I always knew, and my trades prove it.

@Yanick Brittany Simon alt account

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@NGK nah don't give that unhinged woman the credit that I deserve.

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I'd managram it to you if I could


Hope you're having fun

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Can we get much higher :😇😇🙏🤲

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I will keep this stock above 1000 because she deserves it we love Mel here

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literally free money

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Oh shit time to get in low fellas! Some whale just gave us free monies

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If you're selling before 1000, all I have to say is what the MEL?

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Melkers pulled us out of the Mr-Redacted Lav fallout, and she will deliver us again 八(^□^*)

@memestiny Is there a way to update the market to "STOCK"?

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@MagniorBjornsson The Manifold admins are planning on converting these at some point, but at the moment the new market type has a lot of flaws and no real benefits over normal binary markets.

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Well, looks like they just did it.

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