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The time for this stock is nigh.

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I feel like Steven labels LTG as neurodivergent, "interesting" or other euphemisms for them being insane a little too often. He seems like he has thick skin but one of these days, a comment or political take might piss him off. I'm iffy on it though

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I'm all in.

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safest buy

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When is LTG ever wrong GIGACHAD

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anytime d.gg tries to vote on anything i lose more brain cells. Y'all cant even vote for good movies, how the hell can i expect you guys to see the value in LTG?

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@xDxD Get that ass YES'd

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yall tiersexuals need to stop hating, dont be a scrub and invest in easy mode stocks, invest in none other than LOW TIER GOD, back at it again with another stock rising.

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keep LTG at 69% this is my command

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LTG has a TON of value in the negative direction. he's a bit racist. he's a memer. DGG will be sick of him soon. It takes in depth conversations to have long term high value.

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@NicholasMiller Most wrong comment I've seen on Manifold TO DATE

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hell n o

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I Don't get why people think LTG is risky he's new enough that I think he has a large chance of going big at some point in the future.

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Risky buy

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this is none other that high.. tier.. STOCKS, invest you tiersexuals, unless yall like paying scrub characters like aba and dan, dont be easy mode, and invest all your money NOW!


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You don't know how bad it can really get.

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Ltg stock feels risky, but all he needs to do is call lav crazy and his stocks will go up dramatically, I believe in this investment

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LTG is beyond GENDER beyond RACE and beyond BASED, and when he finally comes on for the next debate this stock will RISE LIKE A TSUNAMI

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all these racists voting no on LTG, you should be ashamed

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@Pherret Fr! I hope he gets back on stream soon and show them