Will Google kill 15 or more products in 2024?📱⌚️🪦

This is going by Killed by Google.

In 2024, 4 products have already been announced as going away (Google Jamboard, Google Podcast, Jamboard, and DropCam). Will Google send (at least) 11 more products (apps, services, and hardware) to the graveyard in 2024?

The past few years are as follows:

  • 2023 [14 products]

  • 2022 [15 products]

  • 2021 [32 products]

  • 2020 [25 products]

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I'm so salty about Google Podcasts. Yeah, it's on me, I knew Google killed products all the time.

I just really wonder about this strategy. There is no way I will put down roots in a Google product that has a high switching cost ever again. I've really enjoyed Google's products too.

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