Will nuclear energy be a relevant topic in Germany's election 2025?

Germany shuts down its last nuclear power plants today (April 15). Lindner (FDP), Merz (CDU), and Söder (CSU) called for extensions instead. Was this just rhethorics or an actually topic they want to press further long-term?

Germany's next federal election is October 2025. The CDU and Merz are currently leading the polls.

Resolves NO, if the topic of nuclear power plants in Germany is forgotten and not relevant in the election campaign. Discussions about importing nuclear power are not relevant for this market.

Resolves YES, if it is a relevant discussion topic between parties during the election campaign to turn nuclear power plants on again or build new ones. For example, if it comes up as a question in a tv debate between candidates for chancellors, it surely is a YES.

I'm aware that "relevant" is ambiguous but I'm not sure how to clarify that. If only a single small party (e.g. FDP) mentions it in their manifesto it is not sufficient for a YES because that will surely be dropped when a actual government is formed. Feedback welcome!

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If the Wahl-o-mat website has it among its questions. (It surely will).

If the CDU has it in its manifesto. (It has.) https://www.merkur.de/wirtschaft/cdu-atomkraft-deutschland-kernkraft-kernenergie-akws-grundsatzprogramm-2023-zr-92722693.html

If CDU puts it on its placard. (it will not, most likely)

If the AfD puts it (less unlikely)

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