This market resolves to NO if there's at least two people holding 157 YES shares, otherwise it resolves YES.

Close date updated to 2023-02-26 11:59 pm

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Michael Robertson
is predicting YES at 9%

Don't all the Yes-ers just buy a ton extra at the last second. Unless they are being payed to stick to 157

yaboi69 avatar
bought Ṁ17 of YES

I promise not to change my 157 position

Jotto999 avatar
Jotto 999
is predicting YES at 25%

Do the 2 people have to be holding >=157 YES shares, or EXACTLY 157 YES shares?

RogerYang avatar

@Jotto999 definitely interpreted as exactly...

Jotto999 avatar
Jotto 999
sold Ṁ19 of YES
levifinkelstein avatar

@Jotto999 exactly

Simon1551 avatar

I will outbid the bid to hold 157 shares 👀

Simon1551 avatar

@Simon1551 I meant to comment on @josh's comment...

Preen avatar
is predicting NO at 35%

is it a question of if there's two people holding at market close or at any point?

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levi finkelstein
is predicting NO at 35%

@Preen they have to be holding at market close

josh avatar

Hereby taking bids for holding or not-holding 157 YES shares, via manalink (fulfillment via Manifold Discord).