Who will be the next CEO of Twitter, after Elon Musk?

As of this market's inception date, November 1 2022, Elon Musk is the CEO of Twitter.

This market will resolve to whoever becomes the next CEO of this company.

itsTomekK avatar--someone not mentioned here, before information is public--
fela avatarSteve Davis
Gigacasting avatarLex Fridman
NathanpmYoung avatarMr Beast
itsTomekK avatarElla Irwin
itsTomekK avatarJack Dorsey
itsTomekK avatarSriram Krishnan
itsTomekK avatarJared Kushner
Gigacasting avatarDavid Sacks
Conflux avatarSheryl Sandberg
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Jackson Wagnerbought Ṁ35 of Ella Irwin

Ella Erwin "arbportunity":

Fela answered
Steve Davis
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https://twitter.com/garyblack00/status/1606346838734295040 "Steve Davis, CEO of The Boring Co. and former SpaceX Engineer, is rumored as a top internal candidate for the Twitter CEO role. Apparently Steve’s been driving a lot of the cost cutting decisions at Twitter headquarters for Elon."

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cat from /dev/nullbought Ṁ40 of Lex Fridman

These tweets are evidence for Lex Fridman

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@catfromdevnull That would be cool, but it would destroy Lex.

Adam answered
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Adambought Ṁ10

@Adam Initially posted this as a snarky answer but I do actually give non-zero credence to Twitter merging with some other business entity such that it's true.

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Tomek K 🟡bought Ṁ10 of Jack Dorsey

@Adam Hmm maybe we should include it in answers.... or give some deadline?

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@kolotom99 "nobody" seems like a perfectly cromulent answer that could be resolved to if the current twitter corporation ceases to exist with Elon Musk as its last CEO.

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