Will I believe in an afterlife before 2025?
Dec 31

On Dec. 31, 2024, will I think that my consciousness/soul can persist after my body's death?

This is about supernatural/spiritual possibilities, so:

  • Some things that count: heaven, hell, purgatory, reincarnation

  • Some things that don't count: brain restoration, brain emulation


I was a christian until age 25, and have been an agnostic atheist for about 2 years. I still attend christian church several times a month.

Currently, I don't believe in souls or the supernatural, but I am sometimes confused about consciousness (why am I not a p-zombie?).

My social capital is nearly balanced between christian and secular circles, such that I wouldn't expect to lose or gain much on net if I reconvert.

I enjoy videos, articles, and conversations about theology and philosophy, but I get a bigger slice from skeptical sources.

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Morbid curiosity, how does this market resolve if you die before 2025?

@Spensicus my spouse will resolve it early to whatever I expressed most recently before my death.

What about a Boltzmann brain scenario? ie. your consciousness never ends because the universe continues to exist indefinitely and over immense spans of time patterns emerge which are referencial to your memories or simulate your entire brain or whatever it is that means that you identify as yourself, and therefore continue your thread of conscious experience.

@lukalot This isn't technological but it is naturalistic and not supernatural. Whether it's spiritual or not is possibly interpretation. So it makes me curious whether it qualifies.

@lukalot Sorry I missed this earlier. I won't count my brain structure re-emerging naturalistically for the purposes of this question.