Dec 31

Resolves positively if the @realdonaldtrump account tweets with Trump's implied approval, even if the tweet was written by an intern. Does not resolve positively if the account is hacked or tweets apparently without Trump's approval.

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On one hand he desperately needs to keep truth social relevant due to his humongous personal stake in it, on the other he may get so desperate for attention that he uses Twitter again for his rigged election narrative if he loses.

Seems too high right now maybe? He has only tweeted once so far right?, when his mugshot was taken. If doesn't get arrested in 2024 there is a good chance he won't tweet. And the chance that he won't get arrested isn't 7%.

@justifieduseofFallibilism i would bet on a "STOLLEN ELECTION" tweet on election night

(edit: I can’t read)

He can't, Twitter's now called X and tweets are just comments

predicts YES

@damin17 just like most other twitter markets for this to resolve using X also counts.