Will I successfully complete an Ironman triathlon before 2027?
closes 2027

To resolve yes, I must complete any official full-distance Ironman event within the cutoff time. At the time of market creation, I'm quite a strong runner, a mediocre swimmer, and I can barely ride a bike. I will only bet YES on this market.

Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/28216169

Get Ṁ500 play money

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BrendanFinan avatar
Brendan Finan

If you were to complete one, which one would you try first?

1 reply
jonny avatar
Jonny Spicerpredicts YES

@BrendanFinan I'm currently living in London, so probably Bolton, as I believe that's the only one in the UK. If I decide to commit to doing one then I'll look which ones are easily accessible on the Eurostar, but in general I don't want the headache of doing too much traveling with a bike.