Trump is asking his supporters to protest his imminent arrest next week. Will there be riots in New York in March?
resolved Apr 1
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wake up, john, and give me my mana

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@AlQuinn It is still March my dude

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@ForrestTaylor Not in New York

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"A handful of reporters and tourists milled around the Fifth Ave. entrance to Trump’s NYC headquarters, waiting to see if anything would happen."

Total nothingburger as expected...

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Very Low Energy. Sad!

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Pressing F to pay respects to all the TDS YES people. Sorry the basket of deplorables didn't contain even 1% of the riot impetus as BLM and Antifa.

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@AlQuinn It seems like everyone is a bit rioted out. There were no riots as far as I know after Tyre Nichols was killed this year, either.

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Do the roots have to be related to Trump? Because Nee Yorker's love a good riot in general, they might have one coincidentally.

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@jonsimon the base rate for this is still really low just taking this wikipedia list:

Something like 1 riot per 8 years, though the George Floyd nonsense was actually a "mostly peaceful protest" as we all now know. The odds of a riot in a 10 day period is ~1/3,000.

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He stokes their rage, their fear, their plight,
Urging them to march and fight.
But justice will prevail, take heart,
No riots will tear New York apart.

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