Tiktok ban - How many other countries will ban tiktok before 2025 (app must be unavailable in the country)
Dec 31
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a ban counts once the app is unavailable, Even though the us government have voted to ban it, The app remains available to use as of now, So for a country to count it most be completely unavailable.

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Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China, India, Iran, all currently seem to have TikTok banned according to this Wiki article. Possibly Jordan, Afghanistan, and others, as well.

"Will ban" is ambiguous whether it needs to be banned at EOY 2024, or it's enough to have put a ban into practice and then lifted the ban at a later point. I think the wording sounds a lot more like the latter, but would appreciate an elaboration from @jamiebyrne on this.

@HenriThunberg Doesn’t “how many other” imply this question is asking about how many incremental countries? Ie net new from now.

@GibbR you're right, yet another ambiguous statement but I would guess you're right here.

What if the app is banned from the Google Play and Apple stores, but sideloading it is not banned?

@MarkHC if it's banned in the google play and apple stores, By that country it will count as a ban, Even if people sideload it or find ways around it:)

Does this count countries that have already banned Tiktok?

@brp no, Has to be countries that haven't implemented the ban it yet! so in America it's technically still usable so, for a country to count in this poll, the app will need to be unavailable in the country after the ban!:)