Will TikTok be available to US users in Apple and/or Google's official app store on December 31st, 2025?

On December 31st I will open Apple's and Google's app store while physically in the US and logged into a US account. I'll then search for TikTok and see if I can install it on my phone. This question will...

  1. Resolve to YES if I can install TikTok via Apple's and/or Google's app store. So if Apple bans it but Google doesn't this still resolves to YES.

  2. Resolve to NO if I cannot install TikTok on both Apple's and Google's app store.

  3. Resolve to N/A if either Google or Apple shut down their app store by then. It will not resolve to N/A under any other circumstance.


  1. If TikTok is rebranded and uses a different name by then, this will still count as YES. I.e. if Facebook buys it and rebrands it to Instagram Shorts, this will still resolve to YES.

  2. If TikTok is divested and ByteDance no longer owns it, this still resolves to YES.

  3. I will not use any technical tricks (such as VPNs or sideloading or developer accounts) to install the apps.

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