Will we learn that Joe Biden has Parkinson's disease before the end of 2024?

Resolves based on credible media reports. I may trade, and resolves based on a mod (joshua)'s decision if someone disputes my resolution.

Criteria may be clarified/modified during the first few days after feedback.

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@PaulHan got some news?

Nothing crazy - Just don’t buy that the parkinson’s expert who’s visited the WH 8 times in 8 months is not seeing the President. Press Secretary went crazy over this line of questioning yesterday.

If he does step down - Parkinson’s would be a good face save.

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@PaulHan you could have had those same shares with a much better price if you’d just set up a limit order at 30% but… go off I guess

@PaulHan If you have strong opinions on any other markets feel free to message me ahead of time, I'll set up some limit orders so you can get a better price for your investment! Mutually beneficial.

eg here I would have offered to meet in the middle at 65% or so and you'd have almost double the shares you do now.

That sounds great! Thanks Dan

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