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Will Twitter unban Alex Jones in 2022?

Resolves YES if Alex Jones is unbanned by Twitter. before the end of 2022.

See https://www.metaculus.com/questions/10860/who-will-twitter-unban-before-2023/ for full resolution criteria - this will resolve the same way.

With Elon Musk moving closer to buying Twitter, will some people who were previously banned be unbanned?

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Musk has now said that he has "no mercy" regarding Alex Jones

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https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/elon-musk-content-moderation-council-twitter-1234620584/ "Elon Musk Won’t Reinstate Trump, or Any Other Banned Twitter Accounts, Until After Forming ‘Content Moderation Council’"

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Musk also intends to do away with permanent bans on users because he doesn’t believe in lifelong prohibitions, the person said. That means people previously booted off the platform may be allowed to return, a category that would include former president Donald Trump, the person said. It’s unclear however if Trump would be allowed back on Twitter in the near term.