Will Reddit IPO in 2023?
closes 2024

Resolves YES if in 2023 Reddit goes public, otherwise NO. Going public may include IPO, direct listing, SPAC, etc.

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Gigacastingis predicting NO at 54%

Ideal time to IPO before it goes to zero

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Nicholas Kross

If Reddit IPOs in 2023, will its valuation be >= $6B?
If Reddit IPOs in 2023, will its valuation be >= $6B?
50% chance. Conditional on https://manifold.markets/jack/will-reddit-ipo-in-2023 ”$6B” (6 billion nominal USD at time of IPO) anchor number from https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/reddit-revives-ipo-plans-go-public-lower-valuation-meme-stocks-2023-2 [link preview]
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Byrne Hobartbought Ṁ100 of YES

From a GQ article last month: https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/lifestyle/article/steve-huffman-reddit-ceo-interview

>The sprightly 39-year-old is talking to us on a dreary London day, just a few weeks before he’s due to be married and hours before he’s jetting off to a blockchain conference in Paris – seemingly with the intention of shitposting as many crypto bros in-person as possible. Once that’s all done, Reddit is finally growing up and going public, just as Facebook (which was founded a year earlier in 2004) did way back in 2012. “We wanted to IPO the company last year, and the market has not been great,” he says.


>While an imminent IPO represents the culmination of this eight-year redemption arc, Huffman still hasn’t lost his edge, not least when it comes to TikTok.

Why Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is finally going public – and thinks TikTok should be banned
Why Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is finally going public – and thinks TikTok should be banned
Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is about to see the company he founded 17-years-ago grow up and go public. First, he has some thoughts to share on teetolism, the Twitter Files and TikTok
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Scipio Fabiusbought Ṁ50 of YES

@ByrneHobart Are there really any tangable reasons this wouldn't happen this year? Would expect to see this market higher

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Alex Palcuieis predicting NO at 53%

@ScipioFabius sorry to be on the other side of the trade, but the first rate cut is priced now in Nov this year. And we'll be going by then through a bunch of restructuring for companies that have too much debt.

Everybody is looking for Stripe or Bytedance to IPO and since the first one just raised a round, they can wait till H1 2024 for lower interest rates to permeate and sell high.

I can't see Reddit or FWIW a medium unicorn IPO this year, unless they are forced to raise capital. But the private markets for tech companies haven't puked like in 2001.

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Is announcing the IPO enough or do they need to end up being listed during 2023?

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Matt C. Wilsonis predicting NO at 31%

@Odoacre Sounds like the latter, but this is a great question for getting clarity

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Jackis predicting YES at 31%

This is about when they are publicly listed.

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