What percentage of the 10 largest startups will file for IPO in 2022?
Jan 1, 2023
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What percentage of the top 10 private companies by valuation on https://www.cbinsights.com/research-unicorn-companies will file to go public (e.g. file S-1, file for a SPAC merger, etc.) by the end of 2022? This market resolves PROB to this percentage. The list as of today is: Bytedance SpaceX SHEIN Stripe Klarna Canva Checkout.com Instacart Databricks Revolut If a company files to go public but later announces a change of plans, it still counts for this question. May 6, 11:06am: To clarify, I meant which of the specified list (today's top 10 largest startups) will file to go public? The question is about these 10 startups regardless of whether the set of largest startups changes.