Will IPO count exceed 300 any year between 2024-2027? (AI boom?)

IPO markets are due to thaw soon after a cool 2022-2023, following an unprecedented all time high in 2021 with 1,000+ IPOs.

The hype around AI and new companies has drawn comparisons to the Dotcom Boom of the 1990s. A key indicator will be the pace of companies heading to IPO.

IPOs in the Dotcom Boom exceeded 300 nearly every year (except 1998, 267) from 1992-2000, when the bubble popped.

Since then, only 2004, 2014, and 2020 & 2021 (pandemic boom) have exceeded 300 IPOs. Please see relevant tables below for details.

Given the IPOs already in the pipeline, the AI boom and market conditions:

Will there be a year where IPO count exceeds 300 between 2024 and 2027?

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