Will @LexFridman get a Trustworthy (ish) badge in 2023?
resolved Jun 12


Jan 31, 7:53pm: Will Manifold user @LexFridman get a Trustworthy (ish) badge in 2023? → Will @LexFridman get a Trustworthy (ish) badge in 2023?

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So I think I've figured out how @itsTomekK works, you just have to get 5 different people to DM him on twitter about the market, then he'll finally stop wasting time and resolve the market instead of keeping it open to bonus farm.

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Okay @itsTomekK , I think this can resolve now. By going on the profile @LexFridman which is linked in the description we can clearly see that it has the badge.

There is no reason to extend the resolution.

This has been a great market, thanks to everyone that participated ❤

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No way Tomek falls for the "immediate resolution" tactic here

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@Gen hahahaha

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fyi: I'm not falling for an immediate resolution here

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@itsTomekK Sorry, why can’t this resolve? He seems to have the badge.

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@itsTomekK The market title and description isn't even about Lex Fridman, the public figure, it's about @LexFridman, the account. The account got the badge, why would it not resolve? Even if the API key got leaked or something and the person controlling the account is not Lex, the account still has the badge.

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@itsTomekK This makes no sense. Why can't the market resolve now?

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@itsTomekK I absolutely agree with the comments above.
If your intention was to predict on the public figure getting the Trustworthy-ish badge, you should've state so in the market description, yet you only mention the manifold user.

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@itsTomekK Rushing for a resolution given all the unanswered questions seems irresponsible at best. Better to wait for all the information to come out, we have the rest of the year after all 😃

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@NamesAreHard Just a warning to be careful, this isn't a done deal yet and sadly you were likely manipulated by the scam. There's a reason the market creator hasn't resolved the market yet, even though he has clearly been active.

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@levifinkelstein yes, I think it's prudent to wait for definitive evidence to come out. There are several markets already on the legitimacy of that account

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@levifinkelstein Lol, I have you blocked but I saw Mira's comment on the live feed. This market has very clear resolution criteria which have already been met. We have the account linked in the title, in the description and even shown in a screenshot in the description. This account has already been given the badge and whether it actually belongs to Lex or not doesn't have anything to do with the market.

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@Mira legitimate or not, the @LexFridman account that is mentioned both in the description and in the title "got" the Trustworthy-ish badge. There was absolutely no clause in this market talking about this being the actual public figure. So in all of the future possible universes, the badge that we witnessed and that will be forever on GitHub resolves this market YES.

While I still do advocate for being prudent in other markets, that are on the legitimacy of this account, it is absurd to practice this empty lawyering here.

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@NamesAreHard Lol, you're ignoring all the arguments and falling for the scam... 😂

Stop feeding this troll

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That wasn't the real trustworthy badge, it's the version for celebrities, so sadly it doens't count towards a YES resolution.

Also this is NOT confirmed to be Lex at all and is most likely a fake, likely with a similar looking gmail, which is the reason he refuses to prove it in any way. Don't fall for the scam...

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@levifinkelstein good try, Levi 🤦🙄

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@MayMeta You're literally falling for the scam... 🤦

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Totally meaningless now

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resolves YES

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JIC the badge will be removed for some reason:

"id": "P81KOfdLrSec2u0KxAe1oUhkpzA2",

"createdTime": 1674977363533,

"name": "Lex Fridman",

"username": "LexFridman",

"url": "https://manifold.markets/LexFridman",

"avatarUrl": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/a/AEdFTp6jymtI6zvHtNa_ImzdL4i8AUWPtXpCQJTYPb8mWHM=s96-c",

"balance": 954.2134860407514,

"totalDeposits": 1243.429951690818,

"profitCached": {

"monthly": 80.5322610329109,

"daily": 84.92617562866664,

"allTime": 257.9264215072094,

"weekly": 84.21097564447672


"isBot": false,

"isAdmin": false,

"isTrustworthy": true, <----------------------

"followerCountCached": 71,

"lastBetTime": 1686244125641