Will Elon Musk be Twitter's CEO through 2023?
resolved Jun 6

If Elon Musk remains in charge as CEO of Twitter through December 31st, 2023, this market will resolve to "Yes".

If he steps down or leaves for whatever reason, even if temporarily, this market will resolve to "No".


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NamesAreHardbought Ṁ4,000 of NO

@itsTomekK Resolves NO

JonathanRay avatar
Jonathan Raybought Ṁ0 of YES

he still has a month and a half to change his mind, and there's a lot of backlash. Buying YES at 1% chasing my losses

na_pewno avatar
na pewnobought Ṁ10 of NO

I don't know what's going on but I guess it's free money.

TheWiggleManRetired avatar
TheWiggleManRetiredsold Ṁ168 of YES

@na_pewno There was mana laundering going on

TheWiggleManRetired avatar

@Dreamingpast now it is over since all limit orders are hit, so i will be exiting with 500 mana loss :)

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Haydenpredicted NO

Tangent: I just now searched "executive chair" and... well, I don't know why I expected something different.

XComhghall avatar

'through 2023-12-31' meaning that if he steps down for one day, but becomes CEO again by and on 2023-12-31, still NO? It has to be continuous?

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Daniel Tellopredicted NO

@XComhghall In the description:

If he steps down or leaves for whatever reason, even if temporarily, this market will resolve to "No".

XComhghall avatar
XComhghallbought Ṁ323 of NO

@deagol Just to confirm my understanding of the preposition through

It refers to the entire period from 2022-11-01 to 2023-12-31,

Temporarily as in any duration of time within that period,

Not just on 2023-12-31, right?

deagol avatar
Daniel Tellosold Ṁ0 of NO

@XComhghall again, the description clarifies it’s NO “even if temporarily

deagol avatar
Daniel Tellopredicted NO

@XComhghall I can’t speak for @itsTomekK but I don’t see any ambiguity. Also see their response here where I thought the description did leave some room for interpretation.

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johnleokssold Ṁ389 of YES
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Birgerpredicted NO
JonathanRay avatar
Jonathan Raypredicted YES

i am salty about getting past-posted for 25k. MM limit orders too large

ShakedKoplewitz avatar
Shaked Koplewitzbought Ṁ95 of YES

This market is undervalued, the odds of Elon Musk either joking or changing his mind have to be higher than 5%.

levifinkelstein avatar
Levi Finkelsteinpredicted NO

@ShakedKoplewitz lol yeah, I bought a lot of NO then had a flash going through my mind that this was some funny muskiboy troll

ShadowyZephyr avatar


I mean, it had an impact on Tesla stock.

cloudprism avatar
Haydenpredicted NO

@ShadowyZephyr In what direction?

Gen avatar
Genzypredicted NO

@cloudprism I think TSLA holders were expecting/hoping he would stop working full time at Twitter and go feed the golden goose.

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Haydenpredicted NO

@Gen lithium goose

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johnleokspredicted YES
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Haydenpredicted NO
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J. F. Jurchenpredicted YES

How does this market resolve if the new ceo is Elonna Musk and she looks like Elon in a wig

Jason avatar
Jasonbought Ṁ5 of YES

@viluon Can anything he tweets be seen as more than 90 percent series, especially without naming a name? 5M on YES.

esusatyo avatar
Enrico Susatyopredicted NO

@Jason I find that he trolls way less on these kind of things tbh.