American politics 2023: Hunter Biden indicted on federal charges?
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Have I been indicted?

Federal prosecutors have indicted Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, on gun charges, court documents show. 

Biden was indicted Thursday in Delaware federal court on three counts tied to the possession of a gun while using narcotics.

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Special counsel David Weiss intends to indict Hunter Biden on gun charges by the end of the month, Department of Justice says

Special Counsel appointed by AG Garland. Which is very different than previous Special Prosecutor. At the very least it raises the base rates a bit.

Since there will likely be an argument over words: the reports are that he is pleading guilty to felony charges. There hasn't been any report of an indictment, which requires a grand jury. Presumably he struck a deal with prosecutors before charges were brought before a grand jury to indict him.

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