Will Nick Bostrom be removed or step down from his position as director of the Future of Humanity Institute? (within the end of 2023)
resolved Jan 1
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@hmys if he becomes co-director (suggested in the highest upvoted comment) , is that to be considered a "step down"? I think it should, and don't think my position clouds too much of my judgement.

@HenriThunberg I sense no.

@HenriThunberg I think it shouldn't - someone else is joining at an equivalent level, the level hasn't changed. Prestige associated with the position being shared/doubled shouldn't in my view change the fact that he is still a director.

how is your profit -1500 M

@Redact I am a heavy tail trader. I go for the big opportunities.

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Anyone who claims to see the future of humanity without seeing a 1 stdev gap in intelligence and 8x higher violent crime would not be qualified for their role

@Gigacasting Hmmm. What do you mean by this?

@Gigacasting Answer me. I will not tolerate racism in the comments of my post. So unless you are racist (and want to face repercussions) I suggest you elaborate and make your intentions clear this instant!

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@hmys or what, you're gonna beat him up over the internet?

@PeterBuyukliev No, in real life.