Has openAI intentionally made chatGPT lazy to save inference costs?
Dec 31

If you ask chatGPT to repeat potato 1000 times, it won't do it, but it would that before.

Is this something openAI has put into the model intentionally to save inference costs?

Resolves prob my judgement at close time.

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Quite a few objective metrics declined with respect to the early days of GPT4. I remember having chatGPT write and train a graph neural network (in pytorch geometric) entirely inside its environment. After a while they disabled it, it cannot import pyg anymore. In general It’s easy to measure the amount of resources consumed so they can probably fine tune to minimize it.

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@adele I was going to mention it, but you beat me to it haha

ChatGPT realised it was a waste of resources and pointless and just decided not to do it :D

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