What will be the cutoff for the 2024 USA IMO team?
Apr 30

Resolves to cutoff - 26

Clarification: This will resolve to the index that the 6th place person has (ie people declining wouldn't lower the cutoff)

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opened a Ṁ100 NO at 58% order

Cutoff is either 83.4 or 84.4

@DottedCalculator Actually it’s probably higher

opened a Ṁ100 YES at 59% order

How do you resolve if the cutoff is not an integer?

@DottedCalculator I will round it to the nearest integer

@hannah What if it's a half-integer? Or is that impossible because APMO is 1/3-weighted or something?

@nathanwei APMO is weighted by 0.6

Cutoff is defined as the score of the 6th place person, right? Just checking it's not one more than the score of the 7th place person.