Will I start using Mastodon before 2024 (EOY 2023)?
resolved Jan 16

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For context, I do not use Facebook, Twitter, or any other public social media platform, Manifold is the closest thing to the only one I ever use.

Given the comments, everyone moving to Mastodon now, and my recent modification in terms of social apetite, I am interested in knowing whether this will entice me to use it one day.


This market resolves yes if I judge that Mastodon is relevant to me on any weeks before December 31st 2023 and that I am using it significantly. This is somewhat subjective, it's not defined by the amount of engagement I have, and more how much I pay attention to it.

This is to distinguish with cases like "I created an account to try it out" or "I created an account for my youtube channel on which I tweet my new videos weekly, but I do not really care about it"

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@epiphanie_gedeon Please resolve your closed markets, thank you.

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Resolution please @epiphanie_gedeon

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You would have a follow from me. @LivInTheLookingGlass@mastodon.social

I think this depends heavily on whether enough other people do, and I suspect they're not going to take their blue checks and go home (in big enough numbers) like they've been threatening to.

@AndrewHartman I agree.
https://mastodon.social/@Gargron/109251485491764125 should be an update toward that though