Will Remco Evenepoel race for Ineos Grenadiers in 2024?
resolved Feb 10

Resolves YES if Remco Evenepoel participates in a UCI road race for Ineos Grenadiers during 2024.

Resolves NO if he does not particpate in any UCI road races in 2024, and also resolves NO as soon as he participates in a UCI road race for another team even he eventually transfers and races for Ineos later in the year.

If the team changes its name, I will still resolve with the 2023 team name. Similarly, if Ineos merges with another team, for example if Remco races for the merged team it resolves YES.

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@egroj resolves NO, Murcia

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After the race, Remco made quite definitive comments that he will remain with the team in 2024:

"The team stays, so I stay with the team Soudal Quick-Step"

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@Lion Everyone is leaving it at 85% even while posting articles saying he's not going to INEOS? 😂

Kerckhoffs was the same person who originally shared other information in recent days. Do you just not believe him here?

@Eliza I don't believe anything from cycling media anymore. To be fair, the article doesn't say Remco isn't going to Ineos.

I don't get the whole situation. It's pure chaos and nothing is signed quit like last year with B&B Hotels. There are still endless possibility how this situation will play out. I just think 85% for someone who is officially under contract for next year is a little bit to high, despite everything that could go wrong at INEOS until they can sign him and this is purely based on rumors. I would buy yes at 65% right now.

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@Lion I would also buy yes at 65% but it is too risky to leave a limit order open because news landing happens fast.

@Eliza 24 hours later 😂

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I clarified further the resolution criteria in the description and changed the title from 'ride' to 'race' to clarify that he has to compete in a race for Soudal to resolve YES.

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People from Evenepoel's entourage according to today's L'Equipe: "Everyone knows that Remco will never ride for Plugge. When the merger will happen, he will just sign his contract (already written) with Ineos. In 5 minutes, it will be done."


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Accorcing to Contador its an open secret.