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Exactly what it says on the tin! Each user (who actually tells me something interesting about Nikki Haley) gets Ṁ50.

The reason I'm creating this bounty is because my dad has suggested that he and I vote for Haley (instead of Biden or Trump) in the upcoming primaries on Super Tuesday. (I live in Massachusetts.)

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One big problem the Republican party has had since GHW Bush and Newt Gingrich is they are profligate spenders, with the distinction that unlike Democrats, they also don't believe in raising tax revenue. I believe an ever-growing national debt is an existential risk to the US, and none of the candidates address this (Vivek maybe a little, but I don't trust him). I expect Haley would be no different than Trump or Biden on this matter.

Haley's foreign policy is what distinguishes her the most. She is more hawkish than Trump or Biden ("Dick Cheney in 3 inch heels"). Trump and Biden are harder to compare on this dimension, but I would take Putin's comment seriously that he prefers Biden because Biden is so predictable. I am very hawkish myself so find this to be one of Haley's better qualities. Trump's unpredictability makes him better from a game theoretic standpoint than Biden on foreign policy.


Former governor of South Carolina and former United States ambassador to the United Nations.

Very right-wing: very pro life, very pro-Israel, anti social secruity, anti unions.

She's Hawkish: thinks Biden is not doing enough to help Ukraine, and was against calls for ceasefire in Gaza in December.

She's Indian-American: Her parents were Sikhs from India, she converted to Christianity.

She's got a degree in accounting & finance, and worked as a bookkeeper and a treasurer.

Estimated net-worth of $8 million.


Haley is a pretty generic Bush-era neoconservative.

In theory, voting in the Republican primary is more advantageous in Massachusetts since there will be fewer Republican votes. Vote for Haley if you wish to stop Trump, or wish to prolong the Republican primary.


She’s beginning to be more honest about what a danger Trump would be if he were elected President again. She’s risking “losing” a spot in his administration unlike the other candidates who rolled over and now sycophantically support him. The longer she can hang in there, AND win delegates away from him, the stronger her role in possibly reshaping the Republican party especially as he remains embroiled in court case after case.

Nikki Haley's first name is Nimirata.

I am personally in favor of voting for Haley in the primaries, unless you are a Trump supporter, in which case it is probably a better idea to vote for Trump.

Are you normally democrat voters?

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