Will it be possible to transfer mana to honey money and vice versa at Beeminder's booth at Manifest?
resolved Sep 24

If it's janky but it works, that still counts as YES.

Blurb for Beeminder's Manifest booth:

Beeminder is like a Manifold market where you ask "will I finish this project?" and then buy a lot of YES shares to incentivize yourself to make the answer be yes. Like an assassination market for personal productivity and fitness. Also it involves lots of graphs.

There's a bit of a learning curve but if you stop by and convert some mana into honey money, we'll walk you through picking a beemindable metric for your goal and setting up a graph.

Background: https://forum.beeminder.com/t/honey-money-faq/11118?u=dreev

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Woohoo! M$21K mana transferred to honey money so far!

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So we are betting on whether the event is possible, not whether it occurs?

transfer mana to honey money and vice versa

Also I am reading transfer as 'exchange' such as a currency exchange. Would this be an appropriate vocabulary substitution?

In this context "event" is "currency exchange between mana and honey money".

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@ShitakiIntaki Good question. Let's say it has to occur to show it's possible, but also I intend to try it myself so we can say negligible probability mass on it being possible and not occurring.

And yes, the idea is you transfer some mana, say M$100, via managram to Beeminder and get the equivalent amount of honey money, H$1, in your Beeminder account. And it needs to work in the other direction as well.

@dreev interesting so automated exchange broker, not manned.

How are you correlating accounts? Is it on the fly, al a cart, or validated 1 to 1 relationship?

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Shirk-n-turking is allowed as long as users can't tell the difference.

For correlating accounts the plan is that you specify your Beeminder username in the managram / specify your Manifold username in the honeygram. So no validation -- it's up to the user to transfer their mana/honey to the right Beeminder/Manifold account.