Which Beeminder feature/project will have the highest ROI?
resolved May 1
[AUTOD] Steadily adding integrations (Focusmate has been So Huge!); in particular the meta integration
[UNCLE] The uncle button (as in crying uncle, like "yes yes, stop zeno'ing, I'm intentionally taking the derailment on this")
[SCHED] Revamping/optimizing the pledge schedule
[BOARD] Just gradually making Beeminder better and clearer and onboarding better and emailing people more when they fall off the wagon, etc etc
[GRAPH] Dynagraphs, aka merging graph.beeminder.com into Beeminder proper
[STAIR] Bright Red Staircase
I think you'd get more engagement if you explained the features you've got. Right now, searching this is a Trivial Inconvenience.
An unlisted feature

In the absence of a better way to estimate this, we'll go by what we decide to do first.

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Yeah, the average is 3-ish per year while you've now (tentatively) committed to 5. The freeCodeCamp integration was long enough after Focusmate that it was sort of a continuation of the status quo, but since the description specifically mentions what you *decide* to do first, it looks like that decision's been made and the market should resolve.
Also the existence of that meta Beeminder graph is a decent argument for resolving this to AUTOD since we launched one and committed to launching more.
Well that bounty market worked brilliantly and now the answer is that we totally do have a graph: https://www.beeminder.com/meta/integrations
We don't have a graph! But the data from which to make one is here: https://beeminder.consider.it#done-11
I agree that the market shouldn't resolve yet. The answer says "Steadily adding integrations". I don't know how Daniel defines "steadily adding". But, if I were him, I would say that someone shows signs of "steadily doing X" if they consistently do X over an extended duration. Is there a graph somewhere that shows the total # of Beeminder integrations on a weekly or monthly basis?
Thanks for the nudge! I think the probability is well above 71% (current market probability as I type this) but maybe we'll wait a bit longer to be sure since it does say "integrations", plural...
Does this resolve [AUTOD] now that the freeCodeCamp integration has launched?
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dunno if you intend to resolve the market N/A in this case, but M$1 to find out seems cheap!
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@M, agreed about confusing "highest ROI" with "best feature". For example, UNCLE is a plausible contender due to how easy it should be to implement.
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OK, I meant to say that researching the features is a trivial inconvenience. This reduces engagement with the question. If that's intentional, fair enough.
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Ah crud, I didn't intend for that to be an answer. Sorry about that! Let me see if I can get rid of it.
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I think that people really confuse ROI with "the best feature".