Will a link to data on Beeminder's past autodata integrations magically appear?
resolved May 1
This is a bounty market. I'm starting this with a low probability and a big subsidy so if you put together the following CSV file, you can bid the market probability up and cash in! The data is currently in https://beeminder.consider.it#done-11 and just needs to be extracted like so: INTEGRATION, LAUNCHDATE Withings, 2011-10-10 Duolingo, 2013-05-24 [...] Focusmate, 2021-12-27 freeCodeCamp, 2022-04-27
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Brilliant! Thank you so much! Look what we now have: https://www.beeminder.com/meta/integrations
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Ooh, look what I just found ๐Ÿ‘€ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gVAti5aJnsw5F2DyqDav5BgwxLUYNcw0/view?usp=sharing Some notes: Wasn't sure whether to include the integrations marked RIP - since you seem to want to measure how steadily integrations are being added, I put them in anyway with the [RIP] marker they have on consider.it. I can remove them if you want. TagTime said "before 2011 or earlier, before Beeminder publicly launched" so I put it at 2011-10-10 with Withings. Code School and Jawbone UP didn't have dates so I used the dates of their blog post announcements. For Apple Health, Gmail, Tasker, Slack, Runkeeper, and Integromat I used the date on the changelog. Couldn't find anything in the changelog or blog about Green Goose, and it's dead anyway, so I left it out.