If Bee switches from Vim to VScode, will she kick herself for not having done so sooner?
May 18
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She doesn't have to literally kick herself. I will resolve this according to my best judgment. Relevant facts: She's a Ruby on Rails developer, CTO of Beeminder, she's not like a Vim guru, just extremely comfortable with it. She's wary of steep learning curves, likes using git from the command line, etc. Close date updated to 2022-05-17 11:59 pm

Nathan Arthur bought M$20 of NOa month ago

If she was going to switch to JetBrains, I might have said yes. But since she's not, I'm tentatively saying no.

Undox bought M$10 of NOa month ago

If you are used to Vim you will be used to its power - it is arguably more extensible than VSCode, and has as much language support. I am not a Vim person myself (tried it though), I am putting myself in the shoes of someone who uses it for daily driver for months? years?

Vlad Sitalo is betting YES at 72% a month ago

to be fair - you can have a copilot with vim 😉 (copilot is great though!)

Austin bought M$20 of YESa month ago

Jump ship! Github Copilot alone is a good enough reason to move over. My own history of notable text-editor migrations: - Notepad - Notepad++ - Eclipse - Sublime (ctrl+d for multiple cursor selections ftw) - Android Studio for Android - VSCode for web - VSCode with Prettier autosave - VSCode with Copilot I'm hoping VSCode is the final boss!

Marshall Polaris bought M$25 of YESa month ago

If you're even considering it, I am guessing there's something you are dissatisfied with or covetous of which you will find to be better.

sk a month ago

+1 for JetBrains IDEs :)

Vlad Sitalo bought M$4 of YESa month ago

May I also submit RubyMine for consideration https://www.jetbrains.com/ruby/ 😛 I consistently find JetBrains IDEs having best language models/support.

S G bought M$100 of YESa month ago

VScode + Vim plugin and she will never look back

Daniel Reeves a month ago

Another relevant fact: The Manifold folks use Visual Studio Code and said something to the effect of "omg yes you definitely want to switch to it" when I said I'm still on Sublime.