How many Beeminder goals will people create to beemind their betting?
May 3
More than 10
More than 25
More than 50
More than 100

We've just launched a Beeminder / Manifold autodata integration! You can create a Beeminder goal to commit to placing more -- or fewer -- bets. Maybe you want some stick to go with the carrot that is streak bounties?

Read all about it on the Beeminder blog:


1. Do multiple goals from the same person count?

Yes, but we'll correct for any possible abuse.

2. By when?

By market close in 6 months.

3. Why such coarse options for the final number?

I got the idea from @JamesGrugett. We'll add additional overlapping thresholds as we get a sense of where most of the probability mass is. That way we don't have to precommit to a granularity or reasonable range.

4. Does a temporary test goal count towards the total?

Mostly no since those tend to get deleted. We'll count all active and archived goals at market close. Again, we'll monitor for possible abuse and do our best to correct for it.

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