Will Hans Niemann be ranked in the top 25 on 2700chess.com at any point during 2024?
Dec 31

Hans Moke "The Smoke" Niemann, 20 is currently ranked #40 on the live ratings list at 2700chess.com with a rating of 2695 just shy of this career high of 2708. If he were to continue on his current upward trajectory, he would only need to gain ~30 rating points to reach the top 25 rankings in the world.

This market resolves YES if Hans Niemann is ranked 25th or higher on 2700chess.com classical ratings at any point in 2024. 2700chess.com tiebreak rules apply.

It will resolve NO if Hans is not ranked at least 25th or higher at any point in 2024.

It will be voided due to force majeure events as deemed fit by me

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