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There's no way he gives up the Kik show and the stock doesn't mega tank, he has basically removed himself from the community


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@LukeM I actually like Q but this stock was artificially inflated even before the bridge burn. It should probably be around Sneako level.

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get fukt

@Rasmus1 Yea tell me I was wrong about stocks lmao.


@NGK This was the most obvious short in the world. Everyone who disagrees is coping themselves into Orbit


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How is he higher than Aella

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@stoneocean some dude keeps bad-faithing all these markets, it is not as Destiny intended =(


Fixed it. =)

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Need some oilers

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As long as I'm alive, I will short Quiznos

KoK is to steaming what LoL is to gaming. Fast food

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Yall are geniune retards if you think the Qorantos Bridge is ever ending. Until Q assaults one of the contestants, he'll occupy the KoK space until 2025.

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Keep shorting the pumps are running dry!

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WHat happendf on May31st?

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@KhalidBk Alduine DaAlian sold Ṁ1,721 SHORT from 192 to 992

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Here comes Rasmus with his LVR at 99.98% pumping the stock again

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@NGK We need limit orders for buying and selling for at least stocks to mitigate this just a little bit

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@NGK you can use the API, but you also need the price to probability formula (or probability to price formula) lmk if you want to know more (or you can just look through my comment history for the formulas)

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@NGK What's the issue? I'm giving you a discount on shorting the stock. If you believe I'm gonna keep pumping indefinitely, why not wait to short it until it's value is higher? Or buy the stock and sell it after I've pumped it.

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@Rasmus1 Being highly levered when there's no real movement mechanism for the stock means there's no risk. I'm almost certain your loan amount on this stock is at least 95%, there's no incentive ever for you to sell, only just pump your daily loan into whatever position you're already holding.

As I literally said, if we had limit orders for buying and selling available it wouldn't be as big of a deal. But we don't. You have zero incentive to sell.

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@NGK My loan in the stock is 61% of what I have spent on my current shares. I don't have much incentive to sell now, no, because my shares are worth almost the same amount I have spent on them. If and when they are worth more, I will have an incentive to sell.

I don't see how it's risk free to debtmaxxx in order to pump stocks. If someone were to consistently spend mana on the opposite position, don't I risk my shares becoming worth less than what I owe? Meaning that I would no longer receive daily loans from the stock, and that I would either have to cash out my other stocks before I would have liked to, to raise the value of the stock, or give up on it. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how this is a problem.

@NGK I would personally love to see this platform take the kind of approach that is utilized for trading perpetual futures contracts on crypto exchanges for these kinds of stocks. Could charge a "rollover fee" for people who are maintaining a position long/short to compensate, could allow for limit orders.