Qorantos stock (Permanent)

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Cant_Kickflip avatar
Cant_Kickflipbought Ṁ100 of YES

I have never been more invested and entertained by a schizo-poster. Tied with zherka in terms of content potential. I'm all in on my Quran man 100%

SirBronson avatar
Sir Bronsonbought Ṁ25 of NO

Should've given up cloutsharking for Ramadan.

PieFreak avatar
PieFreakbought Ṁ550 of NO

He will join everyday, dgg will get tired and annoyed, the stocks will plummet. This is his peak!

SoupaSnake avatar
SoupaSnakebought Ṁ550 of YES

I'm all in

johnleoks avatar
johnleoksis predicting YES at 62%

He made Zherka rage quit and for that he has my respect.

swigswoog avatar
swigswoogbought Ṁ99 of YES

He's a content machine. May the Prophet (Piss Be Upon Him) guide him to schizo paradise