Will Udio be considered better than Suno by Manifold users a month after public access?
resolved May 11

Udio is an upcoming AI music generation app that’s been hyped a lot on Twitter: https://x.com/maxescu/status/1776899373294584102

Sample generation (leaked): https://x.com/legit4k/status/1777059367788982389

Resolution Criteria

Resolves to the majority result of a YES/NO poll of Manifold users, which I will post once the general public starts getting access (if there’s a waitlist, I’ll count when people who signed up the day of the official announcement get access)

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This is my attempt to compare. I've chosen the best result from Suno out of 10 with the same prompt. In many of them Suno just skips the word AGI or muffles something indiscernible instead.


You can make your own judgement, but for me it's not even close. Udio is much, much better.

sold Ṁ4 NO

@Bair Cool! Thanks for sharing :))
Would agree this is better than Suno, and impressive even after have spent some time with other Suno generations.

Do you have thoughts on respective advantages regarding other genres? All Udio in your experience?

@HenriThunberg I'd have to spend some time with other genres, but from what I've already seen, Udio should be better with more or less any genre.

They are launching, more examples here:

@HenriThunberg Udio also seems to have better editing capabilities, which is super important.

Udio killed the video star.

Which version of Suno?

@MathiasBonde Latest available at time of question creation (v3)

@derikk which category/genre? suno is decent in many but sucks in hiphop