Will the Tesla union strike in Sweden spread to at least one other EU country by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

This market predicts if the union strike against Tesla in Sweden will inspire similar strikes in at least one other EU country by December 31, 2024.

Resolution will depend on verified reports of strikes against Tesla by unions in other members of the European Union.

For clarification, solidarity actions taken in other countries in support of the strike in Sweden, will not count as the strike spreading.

- Transport workers in Denmark take solidarity action and refuse services to Tesla. This does not count as the strike spreading, as the primary strike is still in Sweden.
- IG Metall in Germany, inspired by the Swedish strike, also take mechanics out in strike, with the same demands. This does count as the strike spreading.

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@bluefrog No, it's a sympathy strike. See description.

Would a strike in a country that's in the EEA, but not EU, resolve to? For instance, Norwegian unions have considered solidarity actions if Tesla reroute deliveries to Norway.

@StigJohan Just solidarity actions won't count, it needs to be non-Swedish workers taken out on strike against Tesla itself

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