Will a celebrity face any major financial penalties for endorsing FTX?

Resolves YES if any celebrity, whether in entertainment, politics, or otherwise, is charged with a fine, penalty, or settlement in excess of $10,000 for their communications in relation to FTX. Resolves NO otherwise.

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[Market Incubator] Which of these market ideas will be created and be the most successful? (Proportional Resolution)
Predict which of my random market ideas will be created (by anyone) and be successful relative to each other. This is a market to surface which of my market ideas might be worth creating (by me or anyone else). Each of these options is a market idea that popped into my head. Some more fleshed out than others. I've made this market because I’m not sure if I want to commit to following through on creating and running all these markets. The hope is that this market will provide some signal to me OR someone else which of these markets should exist. Rules: The market will close in two months. All market ideas listed that did not get created resolve to NO. For all ideas that do get created, the market will resolve proportionally to the number of unique traders they’ve received whenever I check approximately two months from now. The market must have been created after this metamarket. (If a market already existed and I didn't know, I'll be grateful for it to be pointed out, but I think it would throw things off for it to be counted.) Multiple markets can be created for an option. In which case, I will use the market with the most traders to inform resolution. I must approve the market before it can count toward this metamarket. I'd expect an earnest attempt at strong resolution criteria. You can create the market and comment with a link to it, or troubleshoot the market in the comments to get the thumbs up before creating it. Philosophy: If Manifold grows, I expect a Reddit-style stratification between market creators, commenters, and bettors (good idea for a market). Only, maintaining a market is an even heavier lift than a Reddit post because you may have to field clarifications throughout the duration of the market and conduct a diligent resolution. So it stands to reason that Manifold market creators will become an even more exclusive group than Reddit posters. But that doesn’t mean that us plebeians don’t have good market ideas. There should be a way for folks who don’t necessarily want to chase creator glory to suggest the types of markets we’d like to bet on. This is an exploration of how that might work. It also opens the door for collaborating on a market’s creation and promotion. Market Dynamics: What should you do if you want a market in this list to exist but don't want to make it? Should you buy it down to incentivize its creation? Should you buy it up to signal that it would be successful? I'm not quite sure! Interested in hearing your thoughts. I wasn't sure if I should make these metamarkets resolve proportionally or winner-take-all, so I've made a second winner-take-all with different ideas: (https://manifold.markets/embed/Charlie/market-incubator-which-of-these-mar-39c6b22557ac) Notes: I tried to be a bit more discerning with the ideas I've chosen for this first experiment, but I envision future versions allowing for a very frictionless brain dump of very random market ideas. Every 5-10 markets I think of, just crank out another grab bag of markets and circle back later to see what struck a chord. It might be nice for this metamarket to get a shoutout in the description or comments of it's offspring. Are market ideas worth anything? Are folks willing to build out and run a market from an idea that isn't their own just for the promise of a trader bonuses and stats?
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I think we can assume SBF is not considered a celeb in this case?

@Charlie Correct!

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