Will I see the total eclipse on April 8, 2024?
Apr 9

Resolves YES if I actually see the eclipse with my own eyes, unobscured by clouds. Otherwise resolves NO. I have a separate market for whether I make it to the location of the eclipse at the time it happens, regardless of whether I see it with my own eyes.

More details below.

I live in Arlington, Virginia. I was able to snag a cheap room at a hotel in southeast Missouri the night of April 7 that forgot to jack up their prices like everyone else did. I do not intend on spending $350+ on a hotel room, and I imagine it remains possible that they will cancel on me in order to jack up rates (not sure what the law around this is).

I will be driving my old Ford F-150 with a sufficiently large bed that I could easily sleep in it if need be - I have done this plenty of times before. Therefore I have back up options if they do cancel and everything is outrageously expensive. The truck is 2012 model year and does have 160,000+ miles on it and has its fair share of issues, but they are all minor so far.

It's a 14 hour drive each way, so I hope to take days off work sufficient to have 2 days for the drive in each direction. However, the long drive in itself does not phase me; I've frequently driven 10-12 hours in one day, and have also had times I drove 17 and 20 hours straight through.

It's also possible I end up going to Ohio, which is much closer, but has a much worse chance of clear skies.

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Resolution please @connorwilliams97

How will you resolve if you see it through haze, or momentarily if the clouds part?

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