Will abortion be more morally acceptable among Americans in 2024 than in 2023, according to Gallup?
Jul 1

Gallup polls Americans every year in May on the moral acceptability of a diverse list of issues. Gallup lists an annual poll on the moral acceptability of abortion as far back as 2001, when 42% considered abortion morally acceptable. In 2022, for the first time since Gallup began polling this question, abortion was morally acceptable to a majority of Americans, at 52%.

Will Gallup polling show 53% or more of Americans consider abortion morally acceptable in 2024?

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Just to be sure, if it’s 42% again, as listed in the press release next year, it resolves NO, right?

@NateWatson This question resolves YES if the % of Americans that say abortion is morally acceptable increases. In 2023, that was 52%. If that number is 53%, or higher, this question resolves YES. Otherwise NO. E.g. from Gallup's website:

So 52% again would be a NO.

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