Will a critically acclaimed video game feature AI-generated dialogue in 2026?

The "AI-generated dialogue" is any dialogue generated live during play using artificial intelligence, such as GPT-4. If the developers of a game say that their scripts were co-written or fully written with AI beforehand, this would not count. Mods do not count, only the game as released by the developers.

To make verification easy for whether a game is "critically acclaimed" I will check Wikipedia's section for 2026 games that won awards at awards shows or achieved high scores from Metacritic.

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Sounds like an expensive gimmick that opens too many problems. I expect it to be done, but I don't expect the game will be good

Love this idea. Would it count if it’s something like “there are GPT-powered bots in multiplayer” or something like that which requires a subscription separate from the main game purchase, as long as it is developed by the main developer of the game?

@SantiagoRomeroBrufau If multiplayer bots produce "AI-generated dialogue", are in a game that is "critically acclaimed" and "as released by the developers", and then I'd be inclined to count that as a YES, even if the bots were only accessible if the customer pays for a separate subscription on top of the main game purchase.

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